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Are you seeking expert advice on experimental design and data integration strategies for a multi-omics approach on your own research project? Register for a pitch your project helpdesk meeting, public or privately!

We received a lot of registrations for the pitch your project sessions in both X-omics workshop series and decided to have these meetings more frequently.

Provide us with your project information via the pitch your project registration and one of the organizers will reach out to you to schedule a meeting. You can choose for a public or private meeting.

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Update X-omics festival 2021

On  April 12th 2021, the third edition of the X-omics festival will take place ONLINE!

It is too uncertain what the coronavirus measurements in April 2021 will be. By making this decision now, we can fully direct our attention to preparing an entertaining and interactive 3rd online edition of the X-omics festival.

We hope to see you all during the festival!


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Casper de Visser

After months of casperstudy at home (due to Covid-19) and a long summer break I was very happy to start working at the Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics (CMBI) in Nijmegen as Scientific Programmer. My activities here are part of the X-omics initiative. 

I followed the master program Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology at the Leiden University. During this master I developed an interest for computational biology and therefore I chose to do research internships that gave me the opportunity to get hands-on experience with bioinformatics. My first internship was at the Institute of Biology Leiden (IBL), where I combined both wet- and dry lab research to study a Biosynthetic Gene Cluster in Streptomyces, under supervision of Gilles van Wezel. My second internship was at the Neurogenetics group of the UMC Utrecht, under supervision of Jan Veldink. Here, I studied (expanded) short tandem repeats that can cause ALS. Specifically, I developed a tool to study the presence of interrupting DNA motifs in these repetitive DNA elements.

For X-omics, I am currently involved in the ACTION demonstrator project and in close collaboration with Anna Niehues I am also working on the Digital Research Environment (DRE). All in all, I am very pleased to be part of X-omics, where I think I can both prove and develop my skills/knowledge in the different -omics types or research.


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