X-omics research infrastructure

The project aims to establish a X-omics research infrastructure across the Netherlands consisting of several existing facilities with various expertises (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and data analysis, integration & stewardship).

These facilities contain the newest equipment in these fields of expertise’s. Any researcher can contact the X-omics helpdesk to access this infrastructure, its available equipment and services.

This infrastructure will be organized as a distributed network, consisting of a set of innovation cores and application nodes. The innovation cores will oversee and direct the technological progress in the different pillars genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and data analysis, integration & stewardship. The application nodes (research institutes) ensure scalable access and broad uptake of these technologies.


The genomics pillar includes facilities at UMC Utrecht and Radboudumc that together have over 35 next generation sequencers ranging from high content Whole Genome Sequencers to high throughput lower content sequencers, combined with automation systems, HPC and analysis software. 



The proteomics pillar includes facilities at Utrecht University, Netherlands Cancer Institute and Radboudumc that together, in combination with the protein biomarker validation facilities at Erasmus MC and University of Groningen, have over 40 mass spectrometers, ranging from ultra-high resolution QTOF MS to high-throughput QqQ MS systems. 

Proteomics on


The metabolomics pillar includes facilities at Leiden University, LUMC, Erasmus MC and Radboudumc that together cover over 30 mass spectrometers, again ranging from high resolution to high throughput systems.

Metabolomics on

Data analysis integration and stewardship

The data analysis, integration & stewardship pillar includes teams of data scientists and data stewards from Radboudumc, UMC Groningen, UMC Utrecht, Leiden University and LUMC, with expertise in the analysis and FAIRification of -omics data

Data analysis integration and stewardship

NWO logoThis research was (partially) funded by NWO, project 184.034.019