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On this website, you will find information and regular updates on the latest developments, results and activities of the project.​

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The 2020 Health-RI conference will be hosted at the Jaarbeurs Supernova in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on January 30th.

The X-omics project management team will be present with a booth, where you can be updated about X-omics in general, the X-omics infrastructure and the upcoming X-omics events.

For more information visit the Health-RI website.


X-omics festival: "The future is now! ", @Nijmegen, April 6th 2020.

The X-omics consortium will organise a X-omics festival in Nijmegen, on April 6th 2020. The festival will contain several elements:

  • Keynote lecture (learn about the X-omics approach!)
  • Lectures from investigators (X-omics fields of expertise and specific application area's)
  • Technology pitches
  • Meet & greet with the speakers
  • Live Q&A with the experts
  • Scientific posters
  • Networking opportunities

Register for the 2020 festival

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We hope to meet you in Nijmegen!

Kind regards,
X-omics project management team.  

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The X-omics workshop (Strategies to overcome your challenges in X-omics data integration) will be held in Nijmegen on April 7 2020! The workshop will be organised by Anna Niehues.

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The X-omics Summerschool 2020 (Integrative X-omics Analyses Empowering Personalised Healthcare) will be held from July 06-10.

Course leaders

P.A.C. 't Hoen, Professor of Bioinformatics
Center for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics
Radboud University Medical Center

A.J. van Gool, Professor Personalized Healthcare
Laboratory Medicine
Radboud University Medical Center 

Learning outcomes

After this course you are able to:

1. Design an X-omics experiment and able to choose the most adequate-omics technologies
2. Master basic analysis workflows for -omics data
3. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of different data integration strategies

For more information about the course please visit the Radboud Summer School website. To register click here.


The Netherlands X-omics Initiative is a National Roadmap Large-Scale Research Infrastructure, partially funded by NWO with a total budget of 40 million euro.

X-omics aims to realise the next generation 'omics' infastructure across the Netherlands, by combining technologies in the field of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and data analysis, integration & stewardship.

This infrastucture will be accessible to all researchers. To allow communication between the users of the infrastucture a X-omics community will be established. 

This community will interact via:
● Meetings
● News letters
Social media

If you would like to join the X-omics community, please send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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Currently we have the following vacancies available:

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Our Helpdesk

The Netherlands X-omics Initiative will establish a central helpdesk to provide access to the X-omics research infrastructure and its respective facilities.

You can contact the helpdesk assistant for:
  • Expert assistance to help design your X-omics experiments.
  • Analyses of samples in 1 of the facilities (the assistant can refer you to the right facility).
  • For general information about the X-omics project.
  • For information on specific activities such as the training schools or events organized by the consortium.

For more information and inspiration, just follow us

This research was (partially) funded by NWO, project 184.034.019