The Netherlands X-omics Initiative will have a strong focus on training and outreach and in
this respect, will organize different types of events & activities in the coming 5 years.
You can register for these events and activities at this website.

Training schools

In our training schools section we will keep you updated on all webinars, workshop series and other trainings X-omics will provide. We also keep an archive of previous training schools in which you will find the highlights, summaries and key-take home messages.

X-omics online workshop series “Strategies to Overcome Your Challenges in Multi-omics Data Integration”

June 2020

In June 2020, X-omics organized the first online workshop series. Different aspects of challenges and solutions related to multi-omics data integration were addressed in four workshops.

Workshop series June 2020 

Training schools

We will keep an archive available of the webinars that we have given. In this archive you will find highlights of every webinar, including the key take-home messages, presentations and recordings.

Event calendar

In our event section we will keep you updated on all events organized by x-omics and other organizations that relate to one of X-omics pillars (Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Data Analysis, Integration & Stewardship) or a combination of these fields.

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