New COVID-19 genetic factor discovered at X-omics partner Radboud university medical center

Corona Radboudumc

A new COVID-19 genetic factor has been discovered by the Radboud university medical center. A multidisciplinary team of immunologists, geneticists and various experts from other disciplines collaborated to achieve this important finding. The genomics facility of X-omics, located at the Radboud university medical center, was used for this research.

The approach and results of this work have been published in a Preliminary Communication of JAMA network. See the link below for the full article.

Preliminary Communication:
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In the youtube video below, X-omics consortium member, Alexander Hoischen, explains the discovery in more detail together with members of the multidisciplinary team involved, Caspar van der Made and Frank van de Veerdonk. The video features the genomics facility of X-omics used in this research and its new equipment.

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PMID: 32706371

NWO logoThis research was (partially) funded by NWO, project 184.034.019