Seeding grant for Neurolipid Atlas project

X-omics member Martin Giera (LUMC) and Rik van der Kant (VUMC) received a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) seeding grant of $150,000 for their Neurolipid Atlas project. With this project, they are the first Dutch researchers to join the Neurodegeneration Challenge Network (NDCN), founded by CZI.

This project aims to analyze the lipidome of human iPSC-derived neurons and glia, gene-edited for specific disease variants, and will generate the first map of disease-specific, genotype-specific and cell type-specific changes in the human lipidome associated with neurodegenerative diseases.

More information about this project

If their project will have a successful evaluation after 18 months, they may qualify for a supplementary grant of $1.6 million for the next 4 years.

NWO logoThis research was (partially) funded by NWO, project 184.034.019